The scientific Sessions of the Conference: Chairs and Keynote Speakers


Methods of pest prevention during storage, transportation and handling of stored products

Session Chair: Jim Throne (USA); Keynote Speaker: Paul Fields (Canada)

Biological control of stored product pests

Session Chair: Agatino Russo (Italy); Keynote Speaker: Jordi Riudavets (Spain)

Prevention of microflora infection and development of mycotoxins

Session Chair: Christos Athanassiou (Greece); Keynote Speaker: Corrado Fanelli (Italy)

Physical, chemical and other techniques for stored product pest control

Session Chair: George Opit (USA); Keynote Speaker: Jim Campbell (USA)

Future trends on all aspects of storage pest control

Session Chair: Ali Isikber (Turkey); Keynote Speaker: Frank Arthur (USA)

Quarantine and regulatory issues

Session Chair: Shlomo Navarro (Israel); Keynote Speaker: Vaclav Stejskal (Czech Republic)

Wood-boring, urban and museum pests

Session Chair: Cornel Adler (Germany); Keynote Speaker: Pascal Querner (Austria)

Natural products

Session Chair: Vlatka Rozman (Croatia); Keynote Speaker: Barbara Conti (Italy)