Dear participants, up to now we received 68 abstracts and as request by some colleagues the final date for submitting abstracts has been extended to April 21, 2017! 

IOBC 2017 in Ljubljana

Dear Colleague,

we kindly invite you to participate in the 11th Conference of the IOBC/wprs Working Group on the Integrated Protection of Stored Products that will be held in:

University of Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia

3-5 July 2017

organised by Biotechnical Faculty, Departmen of Agronomy

University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Integrated Protection of Stored Products (IPSP) consolidates different methods of preventing damage caused by insects, mites, rodents, birds or fungi. The goal is to achieve necessary efficacy using eco-friendly methods and tools while resorting to chemical methods only upon ineffectiveness of used methods. Aside from current knowledge and advances in recent IPSP research results, presentations regarding promotion and implementation of IPSP in everyday practice will also be included at the Conference.

Current trends in the protection of stored products and the provision of quality food and other products for the market calls for limited use of chemicals.


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